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Break The Ground in Photography

With FlyRyte, Ireland's Leading Drone Academy

Excel in Photography or videography with our fully remote course.

Since the invention of drones, the world of photography and videography has changed fundamentally. Maybe forever. 
The demand for aerial footage has heavily increased in many industries - hospitality, trourism, journalism and more. 

And with every demand, there is a chase to keep up with the demand. Fortunately, there is FlyRyte to help meet those demands.  


The A2 Open Category is Designed for any person who wants to take their photography/videography to the next level.

It is completely remote, you can take it, pause it, rewind at any stage. And, of course, complete it at your own time.

Nicola, CEO at Nicola Gras Media and Marketing Specialist at SalesForce

The Course That Will Take You Above & Beyond

The Open A2 Category course covers the minimum training a pilot wishing to fly in sub-category A2 of the EU Open Category. The course covers all the requisite knowledge required for Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) certification. This permits a Remote Pilot with a drone weighing 500g to 2kg fly as close as 50m from 'uninvolved persons', or as close as 30m for those using EU Class C2 drones. 

In short - As a Photographer, Videographer or just a drone fan wishing to take drone footage, or fly above 15 metres, you must have a drone license to operate in the Irish Airspace. 

What is Included in The Course

The Open A2 Category Course includes a fully online drone course & drone test. After completing the course and test, you wil be on your way to receiving a 5 Year Qualification Certification.

  • Remote learning 

  • Course available 24/7

  • No prior experience required

  • 5 Year Qualification Certificate 

Price: €150