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 Airspace Map for Drones in Ireland!

Please note that although we have done our best to verify the information contained in the planner,

it is the responsibility of pilots to check that they are compliant with SI563/2015 and ANU04.

If you have any suggestions to improve our planner please get in touch – [email protected]


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Irish Airspace is pretty complicated because like all airspace it works in a 3D environment. There are charts you can purchase which will show you manned aviation airspace but there are currently no publications of Irish Drone Airspace. The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) created ASSETT which can be a little difficult to interpret at times, that is why we created our own Drone Airspace Planner. Whether you have a drone licence flying commercially, or you are flying for a hobby or for fun it should come in handy. We hope you like it!