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Perfect for:

Anyone who wants to learn about drones but isn’t sure whether they want to get fully licenced

Perfect for:

Anyone who wants to complete full ground-school training but unsure whether to complete the flight test for certification

Perfect for:

Anyone who wants to get fully certified as a drone pilot and launch their drone career today!

Quick Facts
  • Endorsed by the Irish Aviation Authority
  • 2-hour online drone training course
  • All Irish drone rules covered
  • Understand Irish drone airspace
  • Learn how to conduct an operation safely
  • Learn what to charge for commercial jobs
  • Approved by the Irish Aviation Authority
  • 2 day course, 9am – 5pm
  • Lecture style format with student interaction
  • Focused (lectures approx 1hr – 1.5hrs)
  • All materials provided
  • No drone required
  • Approved by the Irish Aviation Authority
  • Groundschool training
  • Flight Testing
  • IAA certification as an operator and pilot
  • Comprehensive package, includes online training, full groundschool and pilot examination
Drone Training School
DJI Inspire Drone

Ireland’s only online drone training course designed for anyone who wants to cut through all the mystery of the Irish drone industry! Fun and interactive, this training is designed for anyone with an interest or who intends to hire a drone pilot. The course includes a FREE checklist.

FlyRyte’s groundschool course is the most popular drone training course in Ireland. Our instructors are all military and civilian drone and manned aircraft flight instructors with incredible experience. They will work tirelessly to ensure you get the most from your training.

Upon completion of the two day training course, you will prepare an operations manual (we will provide you with a template) and you will be given an opportunity to prepare for your flight test. When you feel ready you can book in to complete the test with one of our two Irish Aviation Authority flight examiners. The test is very straight forward and is focused on the application of the information that you will learn on the groundschool course.


This course will not get you a licence, but it is a great start!

This is two days of intensive theory training but you will need to complete a flight test to get a licence.

If you want to get licenced to fly in Ireland, this is the course for you, get started now!




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Ireland’s highest rated drone training course,

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Useful, enjoyable two days,lots of important background information & practical application. Enthusiastic & knowledgeable instructors who seem to enjoy what they do, which adds to the experience learned a huge amount in short space of time.

Rob Shaw

The Flyryte training was great. Really interesting and engaging two days. Topics that I would otherwise not have considered were brought to light, using real world examples where possible. I look forward to the next steps in training.

Paul Murphy

Really enjoyable & informative course. All speakers were approachable, helpful & very good at getting the information across. Would highly recommend this to other pilots.

Niall Finn

Excellent primer on the logistics of professional RPAS surveying

Cathal Jordan

The two days of the course were very good, with all information received being of value to our operation. Very good instructors who pitched the content in an enthusiastic and engaging manner.

Anthony Corns

All of the instructors were positively engaged and authoritative. I felt happy to avail of promised future support.

Sean Cullen

Excellent - Informative and Entertaining

James Barry

Yes, enjoyed the course. Would definitely recommend the course.

Archie Donovan

Instructors showed an excellent depth of knowledge in both the practical and theoretical aspect of RPAS/ SUA flight. Course delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner, so would thoroughly recommend to any aspiring drone pilots.

Owen Naughtan

Very well run course. I learnt a lot from the 2 days. All the theory was well explained to the level of the class. The four instructors were always enthusiastic and had good examples of drone complications. I enjoyed it and recommend it.

Rebecca Bradford

The real world experience, case studies and videos were very helpful. It is obvious the instructors are very experienced."

Sophie O' Conner

Very interesting & packed full of info for all kinds of activities as well as drone flying. Instructors were energetic & excellent communicators, easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. Offer of ongoing support is invaluable

Eoin McGrath

Really enjoyed this very informative course. The instructors all had excellent presentation skills and a wealth of practical professional experience in the subject area.


Loved the links section and really like the F.B page. Instructors are second to none. Totally professional. Lectures are so interesting, informative and practical. This must be the best SUA/RPAS course in the world!

Graham O'Reilly

Many thanks for an excellent course, as a novice in the world of SUA I found it enlightening. Very well done for the excellent course quality and content which has delivered in a first class manner by an excellent team of trainers.

Colm O'Donnell

Thank you for all your hard work!

Catherine Peters

Excellent instructors who want to share there vast knowledge of SOA. Course is relaxed, continued after course availability is great. Excellent website.


"I would highly recommend FlyRyte to others. FlyRyte is a highly professional company with a top class course, with skilled instructors. They also provide great support post course completion. This course is the best thing you could do, either before or after buying a drone."

Eugene Mohan

I had been recommended to use FlyRyte for drone training and I am really delighted that I listened, as the course exceeded my expectations in every way. Great lecutrers with a wealth of knowledge. I now feel more confident to take my drone flying to a higher and safer level.

Karl Connolly

The instructors at FlyRyte are clearly extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their respective field. They provide all the course material extremely easy to digest and understand. The team are leading the way when it comes to drone education and safety in Ireland and are keen to keep up to date with all the latest changes.

George Morahan

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in SUA. Precise, well thought out, comprehensive, professional and friendly. Excellent!

Tim Jordan

A thoroughly enjoyable but comprehensive course, that was easy to understand. The trainers were very approachable and friendly and no question went unanswered.

Derek O'Reilly

Very professional and informing. Would suggest to anyone flying drones.

Jonas Samaitis

The training and advice which is given by every single instructor at Flyryte are second to none. If you are wishing to operate any small unmanned aircraft, legally, competently and safely… this is the team you need to talk to.

Stuart Lambe