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My drone is <1kg in weight, are there any rules?

It depends! If you keep your drone less than 50ft at all times, your drone has no substantial parts, and you fly safely then there are no further rules. If you fly above 50ft into Irish Airspace or your drone has substantial parts then you have to follow the rules in Statutory Instrument 563/2015, check it out HERE

Do I have to register my drone?

If your drone is greater than 1kg or you are going to fly higher than 50ft then you have to register your drone, further information is available on the Irish Aviation Authority ASSET drone registration page, located HERE

If I register my drone with the IAA can I fly anywhere?

No. Registering your drone with the Irish Aviation Authority does not grant any rights or exemptions. You must still follow the rules in SI563/2015 and the association Drone Aeronautical Notices, available HERE. If you want to check what airspace you are in and whether you can fly the simplest thing is to check out our Drone Airspace Map

Is registering my drone with the Irish Aviation Authority the same as getting a drone licence?

No. Registering your drone if it is greater than 1kg is a requirement. Getting a drone licence is only a requirement in certain circumstances and it is likely than only commercial operators will choose to get a drone licence (pilot competency certificate).

Can I fly my drone at night in Ireland?

Yes! Ireland is one of the only countries where you can fly your drone at night time! ust take extra caution as it can be very easy to get disorientated, and don't forget to check out the airspace first, located HERE

Where can I fly my drone?

Simple, just check out our Free Drone Interactive Airspace Map

Do I need a licence to get insurance?

In most cases yes. There are insurance companies who will insure you at a premium without training but they are very rare. Training and certification decrease your chance of having a crash and so insurance companies reward this. For most commercial work, the person hiring a pilot will insist on the pilot being licenced and insured.

How much should I charge for drone photos and videos?

Great question! Complete our online training to find out!

Do I have to get a licence to fly in Ireland?

It depends! If you want to fly in controlled/ prohibited/ restricted airspace or outside any of the rules in the Statutory Instrument 563/2015 then yes. Most people hiring pilots will require pilots to be certified and it is very unwise to operate commercially without training and certification. Ireland has one of the most flexible regulatory environments and is one of the cheapest place to get trained, despite the training being to the highest international standards!

Why should I train with FlyRyte and not another school?

We don't just provide training, we provide a support network for you throughout your career, which is invaluable. Not sure about whether you can do a job? Need help applying for permission? Have a question about equipment? We are here for you from day 1...