3-step guide to the flight test

Step 1

The Operations Manual

Adjust the template operations manual that we sent you after your groundschool training to suit your planned operations

Step 2

The Paperwork

1. Download the scenarios doc below

2. Complete a risk assessment for each of the scenarios

3. Complete a UF101 form for any that are in controlled or restricted airspace

4. Download and print UF100 and UF102. Fill in your personal information in advance of the test.

Step 3

The booking

When you feel ready email:

colmodonnell@flyryte.com and book your test! It will take approximately 90 mins to complete.




use this to plan your flight test

Site survey &

Risk Assessment

Use for

all four scenarios

Controlled airspace application form UF101

Use for all controlled airspace applications


Application UF100

Print & bring to test. fill in personal information


Application 102

Print & bring to test. fill in personal information

NB: Do not turn up for your test without your test scenarios completed.

On the day

(the fun part)

When you turn up for your test your examiner will talk you through the whole process. After walking the site and getting comfortable you will complete four short flights consisting of the following:

Lateral Placement

The examiner will pick something in the environment eg. a tree. Your task is to take a picture of the subject from the left or right side. 


To test your basic movement skills in isolation


In this exercise you will mirror the movement of a moving subject. Expect the drone to be in a non-standard orientation ie. the camera will not be facing the same direction as you are. Track the subject as best you can but remember safety is key


To test your ability to fly the

craft out of standard orientation

simulated gps failure

Disable the GPS on your aircraft (attitude mode) and complete a take-off, control check and landing. This is not a timed test. Take your time.


To test the pilots ability to handle a GPS failure and demeanour under pressure

max range and height

Fly the aircraft to the range and height that you wish to be tested to. This range and height will be as per what you listed in your operations manual. You must be able to keep visual line of sight with the aircraft throughout the exercise. 


To demonstrate the pilots ability to operate as outlined in the operations manual

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