Irish Drone Training Vs US Drone Training

Irish Drone Training Vs US Drone Training

There are several differences between becoming a drone pilot in Ireland and the USA, here are how the recent changes to US regulation compare to Irish rules…

Becoming a pilot is one of those things that most young people aspire. As years passes by, they realize that they might not fulfill their dreams due to various reasons. Some of them due to their passion end up making their own drones and flying them without being certified. It is very unsafe for one to become a drone pilot without going through a test.  At Flyryte Drone Academy, we are committed to ensuring that you become a professional drone pilot, which is why we have the most experienced drone instructors in Ireland. At FlyRyte Drone Academy, we do not  only offer training to our students, but we give them the support they need after they complete their training. But enough about us, what about America?


The Fundamentals

The new rules are meant to suppress the drones made by dummies which interfere with commercial aircrafts, the firefighting department’s work and the lawn in the white house. This new regulations have been created after realising that it has become a booming industry and if not well mitigated can lead to acts of terror. FAA expects to certify around 650,000 drones that are used for commercial work and the sector is set to generate a lot of revenue for the U.S economy. Commercial drones are not supposed to weigh more than 55 pounds but those for fun should weigh much less. For hobbyists, one should not be less than 16 years old and their drones should be at a visible range which is below 400ft. They should also not be flown at night and one has to pass the aeronautical knowledge test for those who want to be earthbound pilots. FAA then conducts a background check on you before they register you. The only exception that is given to fly a drone without a certificate is when you are observed by someone who is certified.


How to pass the US test

The test is basically all about aeronautics do not expect something different. The topics you should be well prepared for include; how to evaluate aviation weather and the source of the information, how to maintain and inspect drones prior to flights, the performance of drones and how to officially communicate through radio. In case you pass the certification, it lasts for 24 months after which you have to retake the test to prove that you are competent enough. This test is a positive challenge especially for commercial drone pilots which reduces incompetency in the drone industry.


So what are the differences?

Well, things are actually quite sinilar now, with the States adopting a model similar to Ireland, however, in Ireland, you can fly your drone at night, and the Irish Aviation Authority won’t conduct a background check on you!


Flyryte is a dream comes true for those who look forward to becoming pro drone pilots, check out our website and rememer, keep calm and FlyRyte!

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