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The Growth of Drones in Ireland

Drones are very useful in many aspects of life and are used in almost every country in the world. In recent years, the demand for drones has increased not only in Ireland, but all over the globe. In our previous articles, we have mentioned how drones are being used in the photography, filmography, education, entertainment, infotainment, parcel delivery, surveying, mountain rescue, and many other fields.

Like in other parts of the world, people started using drones in Ireland for entertainment and commercial purposes as well. The growth and interest in drones in Ireland is increasing, that for this reason, The Ireland Aviation Authority passed the ruling to register drones with aviation authority, and any drone weighing more than 1 kilogram or used for commercial reasons, needs to be registered.

The interest in Drones in Ireland since 2004

Companies like Aerial Photography Ireland are using drones to create high-quality content for their customers. The company is better known for its videos and pictures they make for their clients in different areas.

ASM Ireland is working to record the climate changes along with measuring temperature and rain in the country; they are working in the public and private sectors.

Donegal Mountain Rescue team is serving the nation to help those in trouble somewhere in mountains while going hiking, the team locate those displaced ones throughout the chain of mountains and then inform the rescue team along with video capture by drone and exact location of the victims. They are partnered with drone making giant DJI help those in trouble.

IFly Technology and Green Aviation both the companies are working with government sectors where iFly Technology trains Army personals to operate drone and Green Aviation is serving to record the videos and take pictures where it is necessary, and they claim to replace the helicopter to Go Green and Environment Friendly.

There are many other public and private organizations using drones for different purposes, and reveals how positively Ireland is using them for the above mentioned reasons

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