Online Conversion Drone Bridging Course and Flight Testing

This course is designed for foreign operators who requires an Irish permit to do commercial work in Irish airspace. Operators who currently hold a foreign permit from the CAA, FAA, etc. can use this course to obtain their IAA drone certification in a fast and efficient manner.


The package includes:

- Online Safety SUA and PCC course; groundschool equivalent.

- Groundschool certificatation

- Flight test for PCC (Pilot Competence Certification) and SOP ( Specific Operating Permissions)


The package contains all the necesarry modules for international permit holders to apply for their permit through the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority)


*Please note that there are additional fees to be paid directly to the IAA for document applications, which are not part of the package price.

IAA drone document application fees are as follows:

- PCC application fee: €148

- SOP application fee: €148

Online Conversion Drone Bridging Course and Flight Testing

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