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z_allocation fz_, without knowing how you installed or if you "changed" the partition, we can't guess exactly what you did. and if you messed up your partition, well, it's a major deal. you might have lost everything. cfhowlett, it's clear that i've made some mistake, but i don't understand exactly what i've done wrong fz_, that was a lot of info but I see no reason to dump it on me. just know: backup cfhowlett, thanks a lot for your help maybe i'll try to get my answer here, thanks again fz_, best of luck is there an apt-get -f install? fz_, sudo apt-get -f install ok, thanks !apt | fz_, and of course, apt-cache search apt fz_, and of course, apt-cache search apt: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: - Also see!Synaptic (Gnome),!Adept (KDE) or!KPackageKit (KDE) Greetings. Any advice for creating an ubuntu AMI to be used with the ec2 api, with no user/password details for maintenance? zeifer: there is a #ubuntu-server channel. they should know better oh, awesome. I didn't know about that channel. Thanks. That channel is dead. zeifer i don't know about EC2, but for creating an AMI you need to find instructions I see, that's what I thought. I'll check their site and see if they have a pre-made image. is it so hard to make your own ubuntu image? MonkeyDust, I'm not too experienced with the command line. I've been building off of the




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