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What to Do if the Written Dissertation Is Not of Scientific Value

Any scientific work should be significant and valuable for the industry or science itself, regardless of its type: diploma, scientific article, monograph, dissertation, etc. The study should contain elements as novelty, practical significance and value of the project. They predetermine the author's scientific contribution to the development of an industry or field.

Scientific value and its varieties

The value and significance of a dissertation can be expressed in three forms: theoretical, practical and physical. The theoretical value is manifested in new discoveries, laws and methods, methods of study. This is the base (a kind of “instruction”) that actually leads to results in practice.

The practical value of the dissertation involves the evaluation of the results of the work that have been implemented in practice. That is, the direct result of applying theoretical knowledge in life. For example, the development of a new production technology, the course of which is described in theory and acts as an “instruction”, and people, adhering to the recommendations, perform the necessary actions.

The uniqueness of the practical significance is that the benefit of the project manifests itself in a variety of forms: savings, reduction of time spent or labor units, improvement of the financial condition, etc.

The physical (or actual) value of a dissertation involves a combination of the above forms, when a reasonable method has been tested in practice and has taken root in a society, a certain circle or sphere. In particular, a similar value is observed in relation to new educational programs.

First, they are compiled, planned (here the theoretical significance is manifested), then they are implemented at the experimental level (this is the practical significance). If necessary, are adjusted and act, bringing benefits, in the future for many years (physical value). Emphasize that the chosen research topic and the measures you propose are relevant, meet the current needs of science, industry or society.

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