Student Feedback

Geological Survey Ireland Reviews – March 2017


Rob Shaw Useful, enjoyable two days,lots of important background information & practical application.
Enthusiastic & knowledgeable instructors who seem to enjoy what they do, which adds to the experience learned a huge amount in short space of time.
Paul Murphy The Flyryte training was great. Really interesting and engaging two days. Topics that I would otherwise not have considered were brought to light, using real world examples where possible. I look forward to the next steps in training.
Niall Finn Really enjoyable & informative course. All speakers were approachable, helpful & very good at getting the information across. Would highly recommend this to other pilots.
Cathal Jordan Excellent primer on the logistics of professional RPAS surveying
Anthony Corns The two days of the course were very good, with all information received being of value to our operation.
Very good instructors who pitched the content in an enthusiastic and engaging manner.
Sean Cullen All of the instructors were positively engaged and authoritative. I felt happy to avail of promised future support.
James Barry Excellent – Informative and Entertaining
Archie Donovan Would definitely recommend the course.
Owen Naughtan Instructors showed an excellent depth of knowledge in both the practical and theoretical aspect of RPAS/ SUA flight.
Course delivered in an engaging and entertaining manner so would thoroughly recommend to any aspiring drone pilots.
Rebecca Bradford Very well run course. I learned a lot from the 2 days. All the theory was well explained to the level of the class. The four instructors were always enthusiastic and had good examples of drone complications. I enjoyed it and recommend it.
Sophie O’ Conner The real-world experience, case studies, and videos were very helpful.
It is obvious the instructors are very experienced.
Anonymous The training was excellent.
Anonymous Really enjoyed this very informative course. The instructors all had excellent presentation skills and a wealth of practical professional experience in the subject area.
Eoin McGrath Very interesting & packed full of info for all kinds of activities as well as drone flying. Instructors were energetic & excellent communicators, easy to listen to and very knowledgeable. Offer of ongoing support is invaluable


Groundschool training reviews – February 2017


Stuart Lambe, Jaffa Productions The training and advice which is given by every single instructor at Flyryte is second to none. If you are wishing to operate any small unmanned aircraft, legally, competently and safely… this is the team you need to talk to.
James Stafford Having such experienced pilots (not just drones) adds great certainty that you are getting the best possible training & really adds credibility. The manual & folder provided also adds great premium touch.
Catherine Conoghan Really great and informative course. The guys manage to comprehensively cover all topics, while keeping things interesting & easy to understand.
Jonas Samaitas Very professional and informing. Would suggest to anyone flying drones.
Martin Reilly I found the course helpful and the instructors knowledgable, friendly and approachable.
Brian Ruane A lot more engaging than I thought it would be, the lads were excellent. They are very knowledgable in the area. I would highly recommend this course.
Michael King An excellent & detailed course – it covered areas in a depth I wasn’t expecting of which I was pleasantly surprised. The instructors are all extremely knowledgable but able to relate to students from all levels of expertise. Highly recommended.
Patrick Kielty I would most definitely recommend the course to others as coming myself from a position of having virtually no drone experience, I found the course brought me to a position of confidence as the subject matter and the excellent delivery of the lectures encompassed all areas required to successfully operate a drone in a safe and responsible manner.