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Flying a drone in Ireland but

don't know where to start?

Figuring out what drone training you need in Ireland can be tough! Do you need an Irish Aviation Authority approved drone licence? What are the different drone airspaces? Can you do online drone training instead of a full course? To get drone insurance do need to have the licence?

  • Fly in controlled/ restricted/ prohibited airspace? (Don't know what these are - Check HERE)

  • Fly further than 300 metres?

  • Fly closer than 30 metres to buildings/ people/ cars?

  • Stand out from the crowd for commercial reasons?

  • Fly a drone >4kgs

  • Fly within 5kms of a small airfield?

  • Fly within 120metres of groups of 12 or more people?

IAA Flight test

2 day IAA Groundschool



IAA Flight test


Groundschool & Flight test


Online Drone Information Course


Drone Videography Masterclass

  • Fly higher than 120 metres?

  • Get cheaper insurance?


FlyRyte Drone Academy

The Media Cube

Dun Laoghaire Institute of

Art Design & Technology


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