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We have built this online drone resource page for all to use for FREE! If you like it, spread the word. If you have any suggestions drop us a line, we don’t bite…

Planning Documents - in order of importance (weather is near the bottom)

Interactive Airspace Map

Screenshot 2017-04-28_14-45-17

Irish Notice to Airmen (NOTAMS)

Controlled Airspace Application Form (UF101)

Controlled Airspace Application Form

Site Survey & Risk Assessment Template

Elevation Finder

Bearing Finder


Irish Airfield Contact list

Our friends - they are awesome!

Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland

Irish Drone Dealers: Model Heli Services

Model Heli Services

SkyTango - Sell your Content here!

Drone & Tech Expo Ireland

cropped-drone_expo_small_logo - Great reviews and tips

SUAS - Drone Pilot Network

Drone Insurance

CoverDrone Insurance


Irish Drone Dealers: Camera Centre

Other links (they are still very useful)

Statutory Instrument (main law)

Grunge rubber stamp with text Know The Rules,vector illustration

Aeronautical Notice U04 (where are the no-fly zones?)

Grunge rubber stamp with text Know The Rules,vector illustration

AAIU Safety Reporting

Free Drone Simulator

Data Protection

DJI No Fly Zones

HSA Risk Assessment

FlyRyte on YouTube

FlyRyte on Facebook

Confidential Accident/ Incident Reporting

Flight Examination

Link to flight test page

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