We recently caught up with Belle Moore, a young girl from Dublin, who took part in Irelands first drone delivery

We recently caught up with Belle Moore, a young girl from Dublin, who took part in Irelands first drone delivery

Belle, you were recently featured in the news with our CEO flying drones, can you tell us how this happened and why you took on the project?

I heard about drone parcel delivery might be happening and I wanted to find out more. After some research I wanted to put drone parcel delivery for Ireland to the test.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, age, interests etc.

I’m Belle Moore and I am 10. I was always interested in drones but after my project I am really interested in them. I also love mechanics.

Did you enjoy training to become a drone pilot? What did you learn?

I thought being in FlyRyte gave me most interest in drones. It was definitely worth it going there. I learnt all the amazing things that you can do with drones in Ireland.

What are your thoughts on drone package delivery? Are we going to see drones delivering our pizza some time in the future?

I think drones are highly likely to be used as couriers in the near future. Drones probably will never deliver heavy things which pizzas are not so that is the ideal thing to use for drone delivery.


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Do you plan on making a career for yourself in drones in the future?

I think I’d like to be a drone pilot when I am older.

What did your friends and teachers think about you doing such an unusual project?

My friends liked my project and learnt lots.

How did it feel to release the parcel and make history?

It felt amazing. I couldn’t have done it without FlyRyte. I expect many more achievements to achieve.


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Was there a lot of planning to make this happen?

There were lots of things to plan. I had to get permission from the IAA because there was a parcel on the drone.

Do you have any advice for young entrepreneurs who have big dreams that seem difficult to achieve?

Lots of things seem difficult that are possible. Some sadly aren’t. Research the possibility. If the result  is positive fire ahead. Just because your small that doesn’t stop you from following your dreams.

How did it feel to hear that you were a runner up and your hard work was recognised?

It felt great to come runner up but nothing felt better than making Irish history

What was it like to be the main feature of the RTE news?

It was an amazing experience, the best I ever had.


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