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5 Great Drone Blogs to Follow

Drones are becoming a popular topic in the tech industry. Nowadays, we see more videographers and photographers moving their skills to another level. Aerial footages are stunning to look at, and with the right drone, you can achieve magnificent results.

As drone fans and drone pilots, we live and breathe in this zone and love to stay up to date with current news and trends. If you search the web, you will find many amazing blogs that offer great articles on any drone topic. But we'd like o ease your research by making a list of top 5 drone blogs to follow. Whether you’re a drone professional or a novice simply learning about the growing UAV industry, we hope these blogs will provide you with inspiration, news and the tips you need in order to stay in the loop.

Inside Unmanned Systems

Inside Unmanned Systems provides news and analysis of key technologies, independent reports on the latest policy and regulatory developments, and actionable evaluation of new product designs and applications support the results stakeholders need to succeed across the commercial, civil and defense sectors. They also offer rich podcasts and an event calendar.

sUAS News

sUAS News is a great website filled with fresh news and information on unmanned aviation. Started and collated by UAS pilots and professionals. Keeping a track on legislation and product developments sUAS News aims to be the news source for smaller UAV’s.

It is a great source of information for any Drone addict who wants up-to-date news fast.

Drone Trader

The blog found on Drone Trader offers a variety of useful article on drones, including purchasing and selling of drones. But more than that, Drone Trader provides detailed articles on drone apps, video & photo editing tools that you may find useful and much more. You should definitely put that on your must-see list.

Drone Blog

Freshly updated with new content every few days. Drone Blog offers great content and cover many topics, as well as reviews, tips, rumours and more. A blog worth bookmarking.

Dronethusiast Experts

Dronethusiast is dedicated to providing its readers with the best information on all things drones. Our team of experts have years of experience studying and flying drones and are here to provide you with their expertise. Through the latest industry news and product reviews, Dronethusiast has built a passionate following of like-minded drone enthusiasts.

Without a doubt, there is a lot more amazing drone websites out there that provide rich news and updates. Do you think there should be another one included here? Let us know what you think.

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