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5 things To Know Before Operating Your Drone

This may come as common sense for many drone operators - before operating your drone, it is crucial that you lok at some of the most important steps. No matter how many years of experience you may have with flying your drone, keeping these points in mind will make your operation safer and more pleasant.

Below we will list the top 5 things before operating the drone.

1. Weather - the first drone flights should be made in calm weather, preferably when the sun does not hit your eyes directly as it can provide blind spots when flying a drone.

Heavy ind is also one important weather condition that connot be ignored. If you are operating a drone in a heavy wind, you will have difficulty operating and stabilizing the drone. Measure the wind speed and if possible, wait for strong winds to pass by.

2. Location - it is not allowed to fly everywhere, not only without a qualification certificate, but also places where the prohibitions apply to trained drone operators. You should check it out for yourself expose yourself to unpleasant consequences and not to endanger others.

A valuable source of information is our interactive airspace map on our website. Click on the areas you wish to oerate your drone in and have a look if the area is not restricted.

Another good point to highlight here is, when you have seen the map and decided on your location, make sure the area is wide, with no power cables hanging, no people around. Make sure you are in a wide location, free from unnecessary objects that can be a hazard.

3. The capabilities of the drone you use - Before the first flight, read the manual of your drone, learn about its capabilities. Not every drone works the same way. Study the technical side of your drone, e.g. flight time, transmitter range, so that the device does not run away during the first attempts. Give the 'smart device a chance to return to the starting point if it loses the signal.

4. Securing the place of take-off and landing - drones grow in interest, so it is necessary to secure the place of take-off and landing so that no one gets hurt. The drone's fast-rotating propellers cut like blades, securing the site also protects you from liability for causing an accident.

5. Fly wisely - as with everything, you have to think when flying, think that no one gets hurt during our flight.


  • the unmanned aircraft operator is always responsible for the flight from take-off to landing

  • must give way to all manned aircraft

To summarize, when operating a drone, please make sure to check the weather conditions. Look for areas with no traffic, power lines, no wildlife and other things that can affect your drone operation. Study the capabilities of your drone, especially the duration of batteries, transmitter range and more. Have a safe place to take off and land your drone.

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