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Which Drone for a Beginner?

If you are asking yourself this questions, fear not. There is an overwhelming amount of drones out there. A lot of people, when looking for drones to learn to fly, do not know which model to choose and what features of the device to pay attention to when buying. In addition to the technical parameters and materials used for its finishing, it is also important to adjust the functions to the needs of the user. There are various types of such drones on the market today, from recreational drones to advanced models with a high-quality camera. But which drone to choose at the beginning to learn how to use a new tech gadget easily and quickly? Which drone to start with? Advanced camera drones, large unmanned models or devices equipped with measuring elements have been intensively used for several years in various industries. Drones are used, among other things, as reconnaissance devices - thanks to the use of advanced cameras (often also with a night vision), they can patrol any given area and provide details about what is happening in a specific area. Other devices of this type are also used to measure air quality or geodetic measurements.

Camera drones are operated by the military, private entrepreneurs and employees from the creative industries. Every year the number of ways to use these drones increases, although ... the use of recreational drones to learn to fly is still very popular. It's a great way to combine new technology and spend time together with your loved ones. An unforgettable experience will also be provided by flying a FPV sports drone. However, many of them require self-assembly.

The exception is the new DJI FPV drone , which we can fly right out of the box. The attached goggles and apparatus will make you feel like a real pilot.

What Makes a Beginner Drone?

It is obvious that the first flights should not be performed with equipment worth hundreds of Euros. That is why drones for beginners were created to help them control the machine first. The recreational drone is characterized by a simple design, easy operation, small size and ... a low price that will not be a problem even if the drone breaks as a result of unskillful control.

However, this does not mean that when making a decision to buy a recreational drone, you should only be guided by the price. It is worth choosing models of specific companies with Polish distribution - in the event of a machine failure, this increases the chance of replacing parts and reliable servicing of the device. A recreational drone is primarily intended to bring joy to a beginner and cause as few problems as possible during operation. These are cheaper, such as SYMA drones, they are recommended for people who start their adventure with flying with the simplest machines. Their design and operation is so simple that even older children can play with them - of course, under adult supervision. Relatively cheap models of the SYMA brand are also small, which means that flights can take place even at home, not only in the open air.

Which beginner drone to buy?

The drone for learning to fly should, above all, be able to use the autostart and autoload functions, because it significantly facilitates its operation and prevents the machine from crashing (especially in the final phase of the flight). In addition, it is worth betting on a learning drone that has the function of safely returning to the transmitter (i.e. to the person who operates the device). If, during the flight, the operator notices that there is an obstacle in the path of the drone, he or she can quickly and easily - by pressing a button - make the recreational drone turn around and return to home safely. This is called a "return-to-home" button. In addition to the functions ensuring safety - both for bystanders, the operator himself and the machine - it is worth considering models of drones equipped with really strong batteries. In basic drones, the playing time with the machine is quite short (the battery power is enough for several minutes of flight). So in order to avoid a situation in which pleasant learning is interrupted by the lack of power to the device, it is worth stocking up on several drone batteries - preferably ones that can be charged and taken with you.

If you have already chosen a beginner's drone and learned how to operate it smoothly, you may be tempted to buy a drone with a camera. Such a device allows you to create unforgettable shots for home albums, as well as make unique films. A drone with a camera is a device popular especially among internet creators, as well as among people supporting large events, such as conferences or weddings. A drone with a camera is an unusual device that - sooner or later - every person interested in such equipment would want.

In conclusion, make sure that, when choosing a beginners drone, that your main priority is to learn how to operate it. The drone doesn't have to be expensive and there are plenty of cheap alternatives out there. Make sure you have extra batteries and that the drone has an return to home button in case you lose control of the drone.

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