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5 things Drone Operators can do during Covid_19

It has certainly been a strange few weeks! Only a matter of months ago you’d have to be crazy to suggest that come Easter Sunday we would be almost completely house bound! It is difficult to know what to do in this time, its even harder to know what to expect in the coming months. On a positive note, what we do know for sure is that this will pass! Things will improve, and we will be soon flying drones again! Who knows, post Covid_19 may bring even more Drone opportunities. In the meantime, here are 5 things Drone Operators can do during Covid_19.

Sharpen up your skills

While we may not be outside flying our drones, we now have the opportunity to sharpen up our skills. For example, if you are a photographer or videographer and use software’s such as Lightroom or Final Cut Pro, use this time to polish up your editing skills.

*Helpful tip

YouTube is your friend, there are any number of quick tutorials on it, find one that suits you!

Updates on your drone

To really get the most of your drone experience you need to make sure that you have the latest firmware! Whatever drone you use, you should make sure that its updated.

*Helpful tip

Make sure your equipment is fully charged before doing this!

Get on the FlyRyte website!

We don't just provide training. Get familiar with our website to see other ways we can help you after your training. Our website includes an interactive airspace map, downloadable risk assessment documents, drone rules, a quiz and even weather links. If you need something that’s not there, just give us a call and we will help you out!

Update your own website

In most cases your website is the first point of contact for you and your customers. You need to make sure that you are showcasing your best and most recent work on it. In this digital age, people are quicker to search for you on google before making a phone call.

*Helpful tip

Include a link to your website on social media posts, it’s important to keep traffic coming in!

Review tour business

This is a great time to really review your business. Sometimes we get so caught up on daily operations that we forget to sit back and evaluate your strengths and indeed weaknesses. Is it time to add an additional service? review your sales and marketing plan? Partner up with another business?

*Helpful tip

Go back to the beginning of your drone career. Review your business plan and find out what is and isn’t working.

If you have an interest in drones, and have any questions on any points made above, give us a call. We are always ready and willing to help out!

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