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Learning to Operate a Drone - Step by Step

The growing popularity of drones in the last years proves that they are no longer just a fun hobby - they are also used not only in many industries, such as construction, search rescue. Photographers and videographers are also choosing aerial footage to capture moments. Therefore, this cool gadget is of great interest. But how do you start your adventure with piloting a drone? Read on the article and you will find the answer below.

Where to start?

If you are thinking about buying your first unmanned aerial vehicle, it is worth getting acquainted with the regulations on the use of drones and general safety rules - this will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations when learning how to use and later use our flying equipment (especially if you intend to deal with it professionally). Although the currently manufactured drones are constructed in such a way that the user does not have to look inside, general knowledge about their construction will also be useful, if only because of the possibility of repairing small faults by hand, which are easy to find at the beginning of the adventure with drones.

Your First Drone

When choosing your first drone, do not aim at the more expensive professional models right away. For your first drone training, consider purchasing a cheaper drone. Especially that the first drone operating attempts are usually quite clumsy and very often there are unforeseen bumps or damage to the propellers.

Where to practice

Although flying a drone is clearly associated with open spaces, the first steps in using this equipment should be taken indoors . This will allow you to master the basics of control without exposing yourself to unexpected factors such as sudden weather changes or gusts of wind. Larger rooms with high ceilings are best for this, such as halls and garages. Mastering the art of flying in a tight space prepares you for almost anything.

Having mastered the basics of the controls and maneuvering, it's time to go out into the field! If you have a larger yard, it should be more than enough for basic exercises. If you dont have a big back garden, then you will have to look around for a large, open area, with no uninvolved people around . This will allow you to learn to fly calmly and without unpleasant situations. Thanks to satellite maps available on the web, finding a suitable place for training in the vicinity should not be too difficult.

You can also view the FlyRyte Map to view open areas!

What besides exercise?

When learning to operate a drone, it is worth using the instructional videos available on the Internet .Thanks to them, you can not only learn the basics of control, but also often find various interesting facts about, for example, techniques for taking pictures using drones. Getting in touch with other drone enthusiasts can also be invaluable . Such groups can be found, for example, on social networks and joining drone groups. It is a great source of advice, technical news, curiosities, and even the opportunity to participate in rallies or festivals organized from time to time.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to learn to fly a drone in a professional way, it is worth taking an interest in specialized training courses offered by numerous companies around. They give the opportunity not only to learn the basics of drone control, but also to explore more complex issues, making them a very good option for anyone who would like to professionally pilot unmanned aerial vehicles. It is worth noting here that using a drone for commercial purposes requires IAA Drone qualification .

If you are looking to get a drone license, don't forget to check out our Online Drone Course and get a 5 Year Certification.

What to remember when flying a drone? Before each flight, it is worth checking a few things, primarily:

  • safety of the environment - during your first training with the drone, there should be no people, buildings, airports and protected areas nearby.

  • physical condition of the drone - e.g. presence of cracks, batteries, loose screws or wires, condition of the propellers and their security. Keep an eye on its condition

  • the condition of the control equipment - e.g. battery charge level, their mounting, the correct settings of the levers, the correct operation of the compass and GPS, checking the warning diodes or integrated applications for any abnormalities.

You can prepare it in the form of a list and mark the activities on it.

Which drone to choose to start with? As mentioned above, it's best to start your adventure with drones with recreational machines. Their undoubted advantage is the low price and often small size, so you can fly them even in tight spaces. Here are some examples of models available in MDRON's offer. The prices are valid at the time of writing the article. HUBSAN X4 H107P Improved version of the H107L model equipped with a reinforced housing, improved Easy & Expert function and new LED backlight. Easy / Expert modes allow you to change the control sensitivity - Expert turns off the assist systems and gives full control of the flight to the operator, while Easy is perfect for beginners. It has a 6-axis flight control system with gyro sensitivity adjustment and coreless motors for immediate response and very good performance. Price: Around 50euros. UdiRC U32 FREEDOM A drone with streamlined shapes and a modern design, made of high-quality flexible material. The 6-axis gyroscope guarantees high maneuverability and agility, and even inverted flight. Its high stability makes it ideal for learning. This drone is equipped with the Headless mode that allows you to fly in any direction, regardless of the position in relation to the pilot, as well as the Return To Home function that allows you to return to the take-off place, extremely useful in the event of, for example, loss of orientation. Controlled by a 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with three flight modes: low (for beginners), medium (for intermediate) and advanced (for advanced). They allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the sticks and the performance of the drone to your own skills and expectations. Additionally, the controller indicates the battery charge level. Price: Around 45 euro. Summary The beginnings of learning to fly a drone are not the easiest ones, but mastering this art opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the operator. All you need is a little persistence and the right equipment to start your adventure with air maneuvers.

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May 07

Learning to operate a drone step by step is crucial for mastering aerial photography or videography. I've found that starting with the basics like understanding the controls and practicing in open spaces is key. Once you're comfortable, gradually incorporate more advanced maneuvers. Also, if you're looking to capture stunning aerial shots for your kitchen remodeling Dubai in project, mastering drone operation can definitely add a unique perspective to showcase your designs effectively.


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David taylor
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