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Drone Racing at Carrick Carnival

Do you know that there is another side of drones, which can bring out the racer in you?

Unlike the drones which are bought off the shelves, these custom built racing drones fly at speeds unlike any of the usual drones you see out there.

We will be at the Carrick Carnival on June 8th from 1pm to give you a glimpse into the world of drone racing. We will have the best pilots in Ireland battle it out on the track for you to see.

To pilot a racing drone successfully through a race track, a different level of skill is required. There are no stabilisation features on board; which gives the pilot full control of the flight characteristics of the craft. When the drone's battery is plugged in, full concentration, lightning fast reflexes, and spacial awareness is turned up to 11 for the pilots.

At no point in time can the pilot remove his fingers off the gimbals, or it might just cost him the race.

A number of our team members has been involved with drone racing in Ireland since the beginning. We've been proud sponsors of the Irish Drone Nationals, and we can still remember the rush and fun we had setting up the first racing meets and races in Ireland.

If you have an interest in drones, and would like to explore the hobby side of it, we are always happy to give you advice. We hope to see you at the event!

Irish Drone Nationals 2018 - Cork FPV Club

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