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Drones in Construction

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Seeing a licensed Drone Pilot on a construction site is now a familiar sight.

From pre planning right through to completion there are several duties that a drone may carry out.

Below are just a few examples of how drones advantageous in the construction industry, enjoy!

Mapping - Maps can be used to regularly update clients in the construction industry on the progress of their projects. With many software’s available to assist post flight such as Drone Deploy and PIX 4D; these maps help obtain data and assist decision making. Quick set up, quick results.

AdvertisingMany companies will hire a Drone Pilot to shoot high resolution time-lapse type photo / video to showcase they’re work on their website or across social media platforms. Before drones came along the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter, send them up into the sky and hope you get the image you desired. This meant you had a very expensive and time-consuming assignment to deal with. Most drones nowadays have a camera attached that can record video in 4K with a 12MP camera resolution. Drones quite simply make aerial shots easier to plan and much more affordable.

Inspections - Most construction sites need regular checks and inspections – which can be dangerous work. Drones can carry out real-time inspections of high-risk areas, so you don’t have to send people to them.

Safety - Drones can reduce risk. Working at heights are eliminated, drones can assess dangerous areas easily and quickly. The ability to use drones to conduct visual inspections of high-risk areas saves time and reduces risk.

Communication - Communication is key. With so many different types of workers coming in and out, site condition changes regularly. An aerial view gives a different perspective. Supervisors can sit down with information gathered and see any issues, potential problems, or threats to health and safety saving time and money.

If you have an interest in drones, and have any questions on any points made above, give us a call. We are always ready and willing to help out!

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