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The importance of Checklists!

While every drone pilot and their operations vary, it’s always important to take some time before each flight to ensure you have the proper equipment and conditions for a successful and safe flight. Getting into a good routine and following the same steps before each and every flight is critical for a safe operation. 

We encourage students to complete a checklist before operating their drone, to ensure risk is minimized as much as possible.

Below are some important factors to consider at the Pre – Flight stage.

· Area - Before you even unpack your equipment evaluate your site, check out the pros and cons of the area, lookout for potential hazards such as power lines, roads, animals and people. If you have second person, discuss this with them!

· Airspace - Have you check what airspace you are in? are there any restrictions in your current area. Use the interactive map on the FlyRyte website to help you with this!

· Aircraft - identify the likely direction of any aircraft should one appear, for example if you are near the coast this could be the coast guard helicopter or the nearest airfield.

· Flight Plan – Assess your flight plan and your intentions, go through this with your assistant to ensure reduced workload when you are in the air.

· Landing – Identify your landing spot, also pick a secondary landing spot. One that is safe, flat, clear, easy to see with no risk to anyone.

· Environment – take time to consider the weather and what the weather might do soon! Check the wind and where the sun is. Also take time to check around you on the ground and if there is any animals etc around you.

Flyryte Drone Academy offer students a full checklist which is downloadable during the Online Drone Course. We use this flight checklist for each and every flight, and you should too!

If you have an interest in drones, and have any questions on any points made above, give us a call. We are always ready and willing to help out!

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