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Top 5 Benefits of Having a Drone License

Owning a drone is one of the coolest gadgets you can have in 2020. Whether it is used for entertainment purposes, a drone is sure to impress you with some wonderful shots from up above. And of course, you can not only use it for leisure. Search & Rescue teams all around the world use drones as they can scan the area faster and efficiently. Some delivery companies deliver parcels with drones. Many photographers and videographers offer stunning aerial footages. Hospitality industries attract tourists with beautiful bird's eye views. All of these (and much, much more) are the reasons why drones are such popular gadgets.

We should highlight that in Ireland, if you are using a drone for commercial reasons, you must have a drone license. The reason behind it is pretty simple - to ensure the safety of the drone pilot and people around.

Having a drone license means you understand the rules and regulations. You understand airspace restrictions and you know how to fly a drone in a safe and respectful manner.

Think of it as having a driving license. In order to operate a vehicle, you need to understand the safety rules of the road, right? This license acts in a very similar way.

Let' s discuss a few benefits of having a license to operate a drone:

You Can Fly Above 15 metres

In Ireland, flying below 15 metres is allowed, but for those seeking higher destinations, you need to have a drone license for it. With this license, you can go as high as 120 metres. Think about the amazing shots you can take from there!

You Can Sell Your Work

If you are dreaming of offering aerial photos and videos to your potential customers, you need a license. Anything you record, is your responsibility, meaning you will be held responsible for any image/video that you sell. You need to respect people's privacy in that matter and get their permission to do so.

You Gain Credibility

Fly with confidence without the fear of authorities coming and questioning you. In fact, you’ll be itching for a chance to flash your license at anyone who passes by.

You Can Fly Near Airports

If you have a drone license, you can apply for a permission to fly in controlled airspaces. Without it, it is prohibited to come closer than 5km. Our airspace map shows which areas need to be avoided and which need a specific permission. Take Cork Airport, for example. It is in a No Fly Zone. However, permission can be attained by licensed Pilots.

You Grow Your Knowledge

Becoming a licensed Drone Pilot comes with a good amount of hours put into a drone course and a flight test. The course covers all aspects of drone usage - from the health and safety of people around and flight restrictions down to paperwork needed to fill out for permissions and meteorology. With online drone courses like FlyRyte, you can go back to any chapter and refresh your memory or take a quiz and test your knowledge.

A drone license can truly change the aerial experience of any drone operator. The access to fly higher than 15 metres is just one online drone course away with FlyRyte.

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