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6 Essential Rules You Need to Consider When Filming With a Drone:

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Filming with a drone can be an exciting experience. You can take stunning aerial shots, as well as fly the drone to areas that can be physically impossible to reach. However, with every drone operation comes a list of safety rules that you need to keep in mind.

We have listed the top 5 safety rules when flying a drone:

1. Register Your Drone

If your drone weighs more than 1kg, then you have to register your drone. The registration costs around €5 and it’s done through the IAA website. The registration is easy to complete and requires a few details from you, such as your name, contact number and the mass of the drone without fuel. More information can be found on the IAA website.

2. Remember the 3 Airspace Restrictions

In Ireland, there are 3 airspace restrictions you need to remember: restricted, prohibited and controlled. Each restrictions has its own rules and you can view the airspace map to find out which areas you can operate your drone freely and which areas require a permission.

3. Stay at least 5 km away from Airfields

Unless you have permission, you need to stay away from Airfields at least 5kms.

4. Stay at Least 30 metres from People, Cars & Buildings

There is a number of irresponsible Drone Pilots who get too close to people and cars which not only can crash their drone, but can also cause harm to another person. Under no circumstance should you fly your drone close to any person, unless you have full permission to do so.

5. Keep below 120metres (400ft) Above Ground or Water.

Whether you are taking stunning shots of the river or the woods, your drone should not go higher than 120 metres. The manned aircraft starts a little bit higher than that.

6. Fly no Farther Than 300 Metres Away From You

Last but not least, you should always have a clear vision of your drone. Fly only as far as 300 metres from you.

These 6 golden tips are vital to remember during every drone operation. there are many other areas every Drone Pilot should cover, which we explain them in our online drone course, so if you are interested in knowing what they are, you know where to go. Other than that, have fun shooting great videos!

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