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Drone Photography-Becoming a Professional Drone Photographer

Drones have become a trending and popular topic in the photography and videography industry. The advanced technology has strengthened and developed great success in the media business. Nowadays, the word “drone” is heard more often than ever. According to Google Trends, the search trend of the term “drone photography” grew massively since the last 15 years.

With a drone, you can not only take stunning photos, but also make unique videos, whether it’s landscape shooting, wedding events, capturing wildlife, and much more.

Stunning images taken from above are becoming popular in many industries, including hospitality and journalism. These aerial photos offer a wider view of the location and the surroundings which can help visually attract an audience.

Becoming a professional drone photographer requires understanding the rules and regulations when flying a drone as well as educating yourself in taking professional photos. Therefore, before you start shopping for a drone, here are the first few steps you need to take:

Start with a Photography Course

This is quite obvious, to be any type of photographer, you need to learn how to take photos first. Purchasing a drone will not make you a photographer. Understand the key concepts of contrast, texture, exposure, shadows and more. The more you study, take pictures, learn from mistakes, the better photography skills you will achieve. There are great online courses available, such as and Photography Academy that will help you become a great photographer.

Decide on Your Photography Field

What type of photos do you want to take? Are you fascinated about landscape photography? Wildlife? Or maybe wedding events? Whatever your field of interest, focus on taking photos and becoming an expert in that field. Start building a great portfolio, which you can use to show to potential customers in the future.

Learn to Fly a Drone

Once you studied photography and practiced how to take pictures with a regular camera, you can now move on to becoming a professional drone photographer. Flying a drone can be tricky and it is recommended that you learn and understand how to fly a drone. Additionally, you need to know which areas are restricted to fly in and how to get a permission if you do wish to fly in the restricted areas.

It is also crucial to highlight that, in order to take photos for commercial use, you need to have a drone license. This is absolutely necessary in the field of commercial drone photography. You can complete an online course and become a certified drone pilot with FlyRyte. The courses are fully IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) approved, which is what you need in order to be a commercial drone photographer.

Look for the Right Equipment

This is where the fun part begins, shopping for a drone. Take your time to do your research before buying one that will fit your needs. There are a few kinds of drones in the market. If you aren’t sure about which one to buy, feel free to

us our experts at FlyRyte!


Starting your journey in becoming a professional drone photographer is really exciting and will take your photography career to the next level.

With a drone, you can capture beautiful moments and take amazing shots to enhance your professional portfolio.

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