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"Keep your Drones Under Control" 2021 Drone Rules Across Europe

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

As you may or may not know by now, from December 2020, anyone who wants to operate a drone whichs weighs over 250g or operate any drone with a camera will have to register and undergo training, as well as pass an online test.

The existing national law has be replaced by new regulations which simultaneously affect the European Union countries. According to Xinghuanet, There were almost 14,000 drones registered in Ireland as of the end of November 2019. These were the figures released by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). For this growing reason, the Aviation Authority is launching an information campaign "Keep your drones under control". The campaign is aimed primarily at hobbyists.

Drones are an important branch of the economy that is developing very dynamically. The potential of unmanned aerial vehicles is particularly visible during a pandemic. Drones are used in Ireland among people in engineering, rescue service, hospitality, transport and other services. With these new regulations, the airspace will be safer.

So, what are these new rules?

Unmanned aerial vehicle operations will be classified according to their degree of risk. There will be 3 categories of flights: Open (operations with the lowest degree of risk), Specific (operations with medium risk) and Certified (operations with a degree of risk comparable to manned aviation). Basically, anyone who wants to fly a drone weighing more than 250g or a drone with a camera, in accordance with the requirements of the open category, will have to register, undergo training and complete a test. The Open category operations may be performed within the sight of the drone opertor, up to a maximum height of 120 meters. It is also required to respect the privacy of other people and maintain a safe distance between the drone and other people, animals and aircraft.

Remember, that the Open A2 category is great for drone operators to fly a drone which weighs between 250g - 2kgs. To learn more about this category, view this page.

Safety is our common value, and it is great to see that the drone flight rules will be the same across Europe. This is a milestone towards increasing the level of safety in the airspace and facilitating the development of the entire industry.

Mandatory registration of drone operators, training and tests on the internet are just some of the news. The use of drones is going to be much easier among others, thanks to the digitization of most processes in the office.

Unmanned aviation has great potential. It will provide growth in many industries.

Rescue team wil be abel to sover more ground when searching with a drone. Construction builders can observe the sites and scan for any potential risks in a short and timely manner. Delivery of items became much faster, as these gadgets can now deliver to your home. And let's not forget about entertainment, the amazing aerial photos the drones can take!

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