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Drone Videography - How to Become an Drone Videographer

Anyone who has an interest in photography and videography most likely heard of drone videography/photography. Never has it been so easy to capture aerial images of some of the world’s most beautiful (and sometimes hard to access) places. Drones can be bought and used for personal use and they are a fun way to capture great moments from above. If you are thinking more seriously about drones and want to become a Drone Videographer, read the important steps below.

Learn Videography First

To start off, the first step is to learn how to become a videographer before becoming an aerial videographer. Purchasing a drone will not get you the right skills to shoot professional videos. There are plenty of online courses that will help you cover all that you need to know on taking the best shots with your camera, as well as using the essential tools for video editing. Some respectful video courses can be found on Lynda, Octave-digital and Shaw Academy.

Choose a Drone Based on Your Needs and Skills

So you have decided to become a professional Drone Videographer and you know that in order to become one, your drone needs to have a, well… camera. But knowing a little bit more about drones will help you save money and any disappointment. Drones can be expensive, that is why you should figure out what types of videos you would like to focus on:

- Do you need a drone to fly indoors to record weddings, ceremonies or other events?

- Does your drone need lighting to shoot at night?

- Does your drone’s camera need to be designed for First Person View (FPV) Piloting?

Figuring out what your drone should be capable of doing at the start will help you decide on the best drone during purchase time.

Get Your Drone License

As mentioned in our previous article on how to become a Drone Photographer, if you are using a drone for recreational purpose and its weight is less than 1kg, then you do not need a license and you can fly up to 15 metres. This, however, does not apply if you wish to be a commercial Drone Pilot as further rules apply.

Having a Drone Licence will allow you to take stunning aerial photos and videos up to 120 metres high. You can promote your videos to companies interested in aerial footage.

FlyRyte is one of the companies offering online drone training and the course is IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) approved. After you successfully finish the course and pass the flight test, you will receive your licence.

Start building your portfolio

This is the most fun bit – building a portfolio to show off your work. Find a portfolio-focused platform where you can upload your videos or create a website with your professional domain. You Social media accounts should also be packed with your work done as people can easily view them once they follow you.

Once you are satisfied with your rich portfolio, start reaching out to people who might be interested in your work. Again, focus on what you can do with your drone and let customers know what is your main field of expertise.

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